Bar Sardine

Bar Sardine does a lot right and not a whole lot wrong. I have been here three times already, and the food and drinks are consistently delicious. The cozy West Village restaurant is part of Gabe Stulman’s arsenal of good food spots, Perla, Joseph Leonards, Jeffery’s Grocery, and so on. Bar Sardine is the cheapest of the lot, but it does not fall short on quality.  Continue reading

Kraftwork Bar, BYOB (Bring Your Own Bun)


Last Friday night I decided to venture out to Fishtown and visit Kraftwork. The bar is pretty far out there if you don’t live in Fishtown . This burger is made with “Special dry-aged blend” beef and can be topped with your choice of: bacon, a fried egg, caramelized onions, seasonal wild mushrooms, bacon red onion marmalade and a host of cheeses. This bar had an attractive food menu and an even more attractive beer list. The The burger was incredible, with the exception of the overbearing bun that criminally devalued the perfectly cooked patty and fried egg. The beer list was great.

Upshot: Kraftwork is awesome! Definitely worth trying.


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Alla Spina, Meh


Last Wednesday I went to Alla Spina with a friend. This was my first Vetri experience and it was alright. The meal was not impressive, but the service and the experience were exceptional. The staff migrated from Fishtown, giving the restaurant a bold hipster flavor and mild hint of Italy. The dishes we had left me unsatisfied. The eggplant was excellent, unfortunately it was covered in too much sauce. The carpaccio was acceptable. The pig trotters were subpar, overcooked pork in a lettuce wrap with an uninspiring sauce. The eggplant rollo apparently had buffalo mozzarella, possibly the driest I’ve ever had. The rest of the dishes were mediocre and not worth remembering.      Continue reading

Chifanese Fusion

Chifa Dining Room

Jose Garces may be something of a pioneer in the Philadelphia culinary world, and now he is embarking on another new frontier: closing one of his restaurants.

Garces Group has closed Chifa and intends to repurpose the site at 7th & Chestnut as a Cuban diner. The name of Chifa might lead you to believe that it sold chifa, the delightful-sounding, historically organic fusion of cuisine developed by Chinese in Peru. In my experience, chifa is not substantially different from Cantonese food (which is fine, just misleading). But Chifa’s menu contained lemongrass, tacos, and other items divorced from China and Peru. The food was often tasty, but it was neither chifa as advertised nor chifa as practiced in Peru.

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Pizza Brain, The best type of Brain

The Store

The Store

Last night my roommate David and I went to Pizza Brain in Fishtown. I discovered Pizza Brain while watching Pizza Cuz, a strange show hosted by two Staten Islanders that founded Artichoke Pizza in New York. This Pizza Museum is no joke, the walls and floors are covered in pizza paraphernalia. The ambiance of the pizza shop really impressed me. The energy in the store started with the owner Brian Dwyer, a lanky-redhead-hipster that towered over the  cash register. He greeted and guided us through the menu and his recommendations. The small plastic cup of red wine by his side fueling him through the night. Continue reading

Hybrid, I’m just as Confused as the Storefront

Avoid at all costs

Avoid at all costs

The recently opened Questlove-Starr venture, Hybrid, in New York City’s Chelsea Market is a mess. The store sits behind a fragrant spice market and across from a packed indoor Taco Truck. The newly opened eatery lacked patrons, while the taco truck 15 feet away had a fairly long line. Against my intuition I went to try the abandoned eatery, kicking the tumbleweed away as I walked towards the counter.  Continue reading

The Nomad (New York)

Last night was my brother, Arman’s high school graduation. I am supposed to say that the graduation was joyous event, but it was incredibly boring, warm, and had drawn-out speeches. The highlight of the night was the post graduation dinner at The Nomad. I often pass on recently praised restaurants in New York Magazine to avoid long waits and overhyped food. The Nomad was appropriately praised by Adam Platt‘s review of the restaurant located on 28th and Broadway.

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